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Servicing laboratories with advanced diagnostic equipment for over 30 years
Manufacturers of Diagnostic Reference Solutions
Over 30 years of experience in Diagnostic Laboratory Standards & Reference Solutions
Medical Grade Osmometer Sample Tubes
0.2 mL – 0.3 mL sample size designed for Osmometers Model 3900, Model 3250 and Model 3D3
Certified Osmolality Calibration Standards
Highly accurate calibration standards and Reference solutions

Manufacturers of Osmometer References and Solutions

Reference and calibration standards for all osmolality and cryoscopy Lab equipment. Clinical osmolality testing for reliable determination of human fluid concentrations using Freezing Point Depression

Lab Service & Maintenance Center

We service all laboratory equipment by highly qualified team of service technicians with over 25 years of experience. You are ensured a highly qualified service team, who work within our strict ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards.

Quality Assurance

We work hard to adhere to our ISO 9001 standards, so we can guarantee our customers the highest quality of service and products.

Our Customers

Our Standards and Quality Assurance

We manufacture pharmaceutical solutions and accessories for Osmolality and Cryoscopic analysis that ensure correct results and highest quality of standards. Our standards and reagents used for calibration, quality control, method validation and instrument qualification are extremely high quality. Our products are traceable, certified, are of known measurement uncertainty and are produced and tested in compliance with the stipulations of the major pharmacopoeias.

Produced according to relevant Pharmacopoeia requirements. Manufactured using controlled processes.

Product consistency (independent, traceable, certificates of analysis), and tight specifications.

Large reduction in the amount of time, expense and manpower required to prepare reagents and standards.

Batch certified manufacturing to ensure lot-to-lot consistency and reproducibility of results throughout the production line.

Over 30 years of experience within the diagnostic pharmaceutical industry and freezing point technology.

Such benefits give you the assurance and peace of mind that in-house preparations cannot provide.