GM Merc A/S has specialised in the osmometry og cryoscopy industri since 1986. We deal with  the world’s foremost authorities for the application of freezing-point depression (FPD) technology. Additional technologies have been developed or acquired, making us a leading supplier of diagnostic testing systems used by medical and industrial laboratories.

Our Standards and Quality Assurance

The testing and analysis of medicines for human and animal use is one of the most important segments within the science of analytical chemistry. The equipment and technology being used is growing in sophistication and sensitivity. Similarly, the demand on analysts to produce results that are correct and that can be proven to be correct is growing at an exponential rate. The provision of correct results and proof of that correctness requires that the standards and reagents used for calibration, quality control, method validation and instrument qualification needs to be of an extremely high quality, in particular, they need to be traceable, certified, be of known measurement uncertainty and be produced and tested in compliance with the stipulations of the major pharmacopoeias.

GM MERC Biotech has responded to all of these technical challenges and demands with our new range of Pharmaceutical Reagents and Standards. They bring you multiple benefits that include:

Produced according to relevant Pharmacopoeia requirements. Manufactured using controlled processes.

Product consistency (independent, traceable, certificates of analysis), and tight specifications.

Large reduction in the amount of time, expense and manpower required to prepare reagents and standards.

Batch certified manufacturing to ensure lot-to-lot consistency and reproducibility of results throughout the production line.

Over 30 years of experience within the diagnostic pharmaceutical industry and freezing point technology.

Such benefits give you the assurance and peace of mind that in-house preparations cannot provide.


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