Disposable Sample Tubes for Osmometers (500 pcs)

Disposable sample tubes 0.2 mL – 0.3 mL sample size designed for Osmometers Model 3900, Model 3250 and Model 3D3.

Made from certified Medical Grade plastic, and consistently quality controlled on our 3900 and 3250 osmometers.

For ease of access during use the box is fitted with a magnet opening mechanism.

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New COVID-19 redesigned packaging

Our sample tubes packaging and packaging process has been redesigned to ensure the highest level of cleanliness, both before the product reaches your lab, and at your lab. All packaging is easy to clean with smooth and resilient surfaces that can be disinfected, including the highly durable polyethylene labels with extra strong adhesion.

Packaging process:

  • Moulded sample tubes come in a sealed plastic bag
  • The bag is disinfected, put into the box, which is also disinfected
  • The box is then sealed in plastic