Osmometer and Cryoscope Solutions & Diagnostic accessories

Disposable Sample Tubes for Osmometers 0.2 mL – 0.3 mL

Disposable sample tubes 0.2 mL – 0.3 mL sample size designed for Osmometers Model 3900, Model 3250 and Model 3D3.
Manufactured from certified Medical Grade plastic.

Calibration Standards & Reference Solutions

Certified Osmolality Reference Standard used to calibrate, control or validate all types of Osmometers and Cryoscopes in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

Cooling Fluid
Heat Transfer Fluid

Cooling fluid (Heat Transfer Fluid) for osmometers and cryoscopes. Flasks contain 160 ml environmentally safe medical grade cooling liquid: H2O + Propylene Glycole.